Friday, August 11, 2006
  Israel National Sport: Crimes Against Humanity - Referee: The World.
Israel National Sport: Crimes Against Humanity - Referee: The World.

Beirut neighborhood “Chiyah” massacre (Top Left)
On August 7th, and without any prior warning, Israel executed 40 people with a pin-point strike on their residential building. Witnesses at the scene, said they only could see heads and hands sticking out of the rubble.

Ground Zero before and after (aerial photos)
These photos have been circulating for a week now, it’s the Beirut southern residential neighborhood that Israel dubs “Khizballah bastion” so it can bestow on itself the traditional self-righteous “license to kill”: Due to a shortage in ammunition, only 100 buildings have been flattened by today, but the US replenished their stock in laser guided missiles and now they’re ready to continue.

The neighborhood housed Hizbullah command buildings, Hizbullah TV and the apartment of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. All considered legitimate targets by Israel and all could have been ‘accurately’ targeted with the legendary pin-point accuracy, yet being the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel chose the democratic destruction: “if you destroy one, all should go”. This area housed 20,000 Lebanese citizens who are now without shelter.

A glimpse inside a CRIMINAL mind:
People don’t have to hold arms to be punished, if they even dare to live next to somebody opposing Israel (In English and Hebrew that means Terrorist), their lives will be destroyed without prior notice!

If you’re puzzled and seeking an explanation, the mighty army’s CRMINAL ZIONIST UN-BRAIN is seeking by this to condition people not to object to Israel in the future, not to support those who object to Israel, not to even silently sympathize in the intimacy of their brains with those who object Israel.

The CRIMINAL MIND wants people to develop an instinct that not only now, but in 5, 10 or 50 years would drive them to DESTROY by themselves anybody who opposes Israel, and quickly before Israel comes and unleashes its wrath! Now, for those who would sadly suffer from the psychosis of opposing Israel themselves, the choice is obvious, they should commit suicide before the condition gets worse! The Jewish state is making it clear that Israeli revenge is even more painful than suicide!

ISRAEL IS CALLING FOR A CIVIL WAR IN LEBANON and preparing for it the world public opinion.
The same logic of destruction has been applied and extended to a wider growing circle of Lebanese communities, villages, towns and cities. By bombing various infrastructure, polluting the sea, blockading the country even for medicine, food and fuel, bombing and terrorizing other Sunni Muslim and Christian neighborhoods, Israel wants all Lebanese to know that killing your countryman entails a much lower cost than fighting Israel. Israel wants them to know that it’s not acceptable for them to even live 100 Km away from someone who opposes Israel.

This collective punishment technique is not new, it was practiced all over Palestine before 1948, it is widely used on the 1967 occupied territories (Gaza and the West Bank) and it was already inflicted on Beirut once in 1982! (and on Beirut Airport in 1968)

Despite the regular hypocrisy of covering up its crimes by saying they’re directed at the terrorists and their aids. The arrogance and impunity of the Criminal State is exceeding itslef. Today, and to cover up for their growing failure to win the real war against Hizbullah in the south, and in a flagrant tone, the CRIMINAL STATE rained leaflets declaring war on more neighborhoods of our capital, threatening to kill and dispossess more of our people and destroy more of our city. The Indiscriminate Destruction Forces -simply- declaring that this time, they will target “Everybody”.

This new fornication and screaming arrogance that don’t give a F*** about the International Laws of War or more essentially basic moral values are providing another documented crime against humanity which will unfortunately fall on the deaf eyes of the majority in our world!

We’re talking the same world that comfortably transitioned in one week from watching the world cup to watching the finals declared on our country and our people.

And we’re not talking here about a calamity caused by an act of God! But by a calamity caused by a handful of criminal minds and that could be stopped by making certain presidents and prime ministers of this world step on other prime ministers heads!

Israel is making a joke of your opinion and indignation, SHY PEACE RALLIES DON’T WORK!


IAF drops leaflets over downtown Beirut threatening 'painful' response to Hezbollah attacks
By The Associated Press

Israel Air Force warplanes dropped leaflets over downtown Beirut on Thursday, threatening a "painful and strong" response to Hezbollah rocket attacks and warning residents of three southern suburbs to evacuate immediately.

"The Israel Defense Forces intend to expand their operations in Beirut," the single-page leaflet read. It said the move came after statements from "the leader of the gang" - an apparent reference to Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, who made a taped television address the night before.

"To the residents of Hay el-Sulloum, Bourj el-Barajneh and Chiah: For your own safety, you must evacuate those neighborhoods immediately, and evacuate every place where Hezbollah members or aides exist or carry out terrorist operations," it read.

"You must know that the expansion of Hezbollah terrorist operations will lead to a painful and strong response, and its painful results will not be confined to Hassan's gang and criminals," it added.

The leaflets were signed, "The State of Israel."
Wednesday, August 09, 2006
  Rosemary 'can lie in the church' gave a historical outlook about Lebanon made in TelAviv
Rosemary TelAviv gave a historical outlook about Lebanon made in TelAviv

I was watching CNN in horror tonight as Rosemary (who can lie -it seems- even inside a Church) promised the viewers a historical outlook that has the potential to illuminate the whole essence of “the deal” of the Middle East problem, blow their minds away and make them smarter all at once!

The most genuine part, were the little “brainwash” sentences displayed on the screen as the episode went on. As an example: “Country created from groups that had little in common”, as if the Lebanese were imported from Taiwan and Mexico and implanted stupidly together, and they have no history nor culture in common… So just like that! Ms. “can lie in the Church” found the problem and maybe the solution at the same time: Separate them! The problem is not the Israeli aggressor, it’s the Victim again!

The guest was a former ambassador (David Mack I guess), who didn’t seem to interact much with her interpretation of the events but struggled bad to explain to her that Israel was the one attacking Lebanon, and that it didn’t start last month, but since 1968 when he was an ambassador in Lebanon and the Israelis bombed the Beirut airport- version 1!

So as for the historical outlook of Ms. “can lie in the Church”, here are the main points:
- The country was formed by the French in what was western Syria in the 20s
- They placed a collection of people that have nothing in common together
- The government is based on power sharing between people that have nothing in common and hence the problems!
- Due to this ongoing struggle and from the beginning, Israel supported the Christians, against the Shiaas supported by Iran (I really forgot what she said about who supported the Sunnis, maybe Syria!) and hence the –dreaded- power struggle

Now for the history of Palestine (this one also good)
- In the 1940's the Palestinians started fighting the Jews
- The UN decided to partition Paletstine for Arabs and Jews
- The Jews declared their independence

And THAT'S THAT! Now the CNN viewers know the essence of the problem and can analyze the shit out of the last events for themselves and project the future so comfortably like little visionaries. So who volunteered this outlook for Rosemary and why stressing on these half-truths and full lies so much now! And how would these lead to any better understanding of the situation and Israeli aggression? Unless they do it in a very specific way that serves Israel’s ongoing effort at falsifying our history and justifying its anomaly:

- Lebanon created from western Syria by France is carefully packaged as an answer to all the westerners that say that Israel was created by the British. And while the modern state of Lebanon was created by the French, recent Lebanon existed (with growing and shrinking borders) as a semi-independent entity since the 16th century (more detail in a later post) and populated by the present day Lebanese. In contrast, Israel's quasi majority of the population are 2nd or 3rd generation Israelis who were imported from Europe and who drove the indigineous population out and hence the worlds current largest refugee population sinde 1948: the Palestinians
- Lebanon is unstable and is meant to disintegrate… So if a civil strife starts again in Lebanon (and TelAviv and NeoConSphere are at it! as they’re doing in Iraq)… Nobody objects if the partitioning solution imposes itself again (the famous Libanization of the 70s-80s). It’s the solution to stop the struggling people’s 86 years old misery
- The Israelis are not that bad!! It’s the Lebanese Christians who are ungrateful! Israelis helped them since the 1920s to balance their position in front of Shiaas who were supported by Iran. And now they’re siding with Khizbullah… Death to the terrorists and their supporters! (for those who are not familiar with the history of the region, neither Israel existed in the 1920s nor Iran had any influence on the Shiaa of Lebanon until the 1980s)
- The awkward French placed a collection of people that have nothing in common and on the top of that, they are sharing power and THAT’S BAD! PLURALITY AND TOLERANCE ARE BAD FOR YOU, they don’t work! You need the Israeli model! And yes for spinning off new racist confessional states in the new Middle-East modeled after the Greater State of Israel (remember Ms. Rice birth pangs parabola – we feel it kick).

All this rimes well with the rising rhetoric in the media about the weakness of Lebanon or the army, and the carefully chosen words of the Israeli hypocrite to the UN about the same topic and the strength of Khizballah etc.

And as for Palestine:
- The ‘European immigrated’ Jews seem to have been there all the time, the problems just started in the 1940s spontaneously. Given that the Palestinians are called terrorists all the time, the viewer is left to himself to deduce who were the bad guys then too!
- The Palestinians began arriving (not driven out, not chased, not made refugees but arriving) in 1940s to Lebanon on their long honeymoon ever since
- Israel declared its independence in 1948 and a bunch of old ladies saluted the flag and that’s that!


Although the little show above might be petty and insignificant, it gives me the creeps because it is an indication that the Israel propaganda and political scheming machine is working again towards a civil war in Lebanon, and this is not naïve nor insignificant. Israel’s ultimate goal is to get rid of the “Palestinian question”, and it means first and foremost getting rid of the refugees and creating an outlet where it can drive out as many more Palestinians from the occupied territories as possible. Lebanon in a civil war again, is the ONLY possible solution for that to happen!

A conveniently “KhHizbullah-free” South Lebanon and a good multi-national buffer force between South Lebanon and Israel, will mean good conditions for the Palestinian refugees to stay where they are! They wouldn’t be able to attack Israel anymore as they would be attacking the Americans, French or other contributors to the force (if they still can attack by then). They wouldn't either want to exercise the right of return anymore as they will be given the nationality of whatever entity where they’re staying was named. This might also lead to a new chaotic Gaza implanted in the south of Lebanon and part of another forever un-alive state.

I’m not claiming here that Lebanon is problem-free, because as any nation, it has it’s own systemic problems and maybe more that the norm for most nations! However Lebanon is above all a “pluralistic” model that needs support and encouragement. It’s a model where the power is shared between different confessions who, most importantly share common values through their mixed families, villages and towns and through an ever booming culture and economy and a drive to resist oppression and defend their homeland.

Lebanon could be a recipe for a Muslim-west conciliation or a “world at peace” contrary to the clash of civilization theories preached by the neo-cons and the Zionists behind them, it’s the proof that peace between Islam, Christianity and secularism can exist! And it’s the exact anti-model for the racist apartheid state of Israel and all other fundamentalist ideologies of this world -Zionism- not excluded.

The war against terror which is the hidden face of the “clash of civilizations” is being fought in Lebanon but not in the same sense that the Israelis are trying to give to it! For if this pluralistic Lebanese model- is killed to relief a -racist Israeli model-, the next waves of "civil unrest" and clashes of civilization are going to happen in Paris and London and other cities around the world and these are going to involve more than a bomb in a subway! This blind support and endorsement of the democratic West (built over christian values) to an ever expanding Israel, while ignoring the simple principles of Justice, will fast forward us into the real global mayhem of civilizations! The West would have allowed the NeoCons to have made a self-fulfilled prophecy!
Monday, August 07, 2006
  Israel Salute Day - New York Shame Day
Israel Salute Day - New York Shame Day

The Story (a bit of narration this time):
Coming out of a subway station in New York City in June, I saw a nice blue poster announcing the Israel Salute Day Parade on the 5th avenue which I took as a personal invitation. I went to the rendezvous promising myself all kinds of wonderful encounters and amazing discoveries. Apart from a few small groups of Arab and Jewish anti-Zionist protesters, the 5th avenue and for as long as I could see was loaded with horrific 'hate' posters, racism and provocation ruled! A treasure trove for peace and love mongers…. I did not post these photos at the time (only this one), for I didn't want to politicize my stream... The situation now obliges…

These photos are a testimony to the pure humanistic refinement and philanthropy of the Zionist culture. My comments, from top to bottom, left to right:

1- Expel the arab not the jews: Yep, it's a flat ass racist-hate message right on the 5th avenue in front of a million people and it's the whole point of any Israel actions. One of the finest Zionist traditions, the real code word for it being “population transfer”, it was practiced all over Palestine from 1880 to 1948 the date of the creation of the state of Israel, then with special variations since 1967 on Gaza, the West Bank and the Syrian Golan.

2 and 3- Signs carrying random American family names that immigrated to Israel and the slogan "Israel - Nobody blongs here more than you": Exactly, invite American Jewish families that are under no danger whatsoever to immigrate to Israel, give them subsidies, land and money – that’s why they would go anyway… Steal Palestinian land to provide them for illegal settlements, while at the same time, forbidding Palestinian refugees to return to their land under the pretext there’s no place for them... and think of creative criminal ways to drive out more Palestinians in the future, yep we said it in -1- Expel arabs!

4- If not you then who? If not now, then when?: Uncle Olmert wants you!!! Come on you slacker!!! Get down on it! Go to the promised land of empty promises, go now! We need fuel for future wars, we need soldiers and we need people that want to die and people that want to vote… Go become proud as an Israeli and make Israel proud of you.... Turn off that TV you Israel-unlover… You can do it! you just have to believe in yourself strong enough!!

5- Israel fights the battle against world terror on the front lines: Hey you US citizens, don't you get it?!?! And you dare ask about your tax money, shame! Come on? Do you wanna fight terror yourself? No need to! Outsource to Israel, it’s cheaper... What Israel is for anti-terror is like what India is fo IT... We get a 1st class job done, ISO standards and all, all you need is to vote! (… and to pay)

6- Israel = Peace & Democracy, Palestinians = Death & Destruction: Somehow there's a man and his wife that were made to believe that the world’s biggest apartheid regime is about peace and democracy (and luv)... For that kind of brainwash, I bow in front of the US media in awe... standing ovation... bravo!

The last sign deserves a special hint:

Israel is our future: All right, future for who ezactly sinior? US citizens, Eskimo, Jews? Actually, I believe it's our sad future here in the Middle East all confessions mixed and including the Jews duly invited to become the fuel of the Zionist wars to come… With such good US government support, Zionism will have the power to dispense on us as many joyful surprises as it has done in the past 120 years... It's our future and in our future, and we shall be congratulating ourselves for having such a merit and for being born so close to where it decided to “Aliyah” itself, for generations to come. Amen!

I Apologize for being late, and Happy f***** Salute day to you and see you next year with bigger signs and more out in the sun bigotry.

(For those who don’t know, Aliyah is the rise to mount Zion in Jerusalem, and one of the most romantic expressions in the Zionist dictionary… What it means in simple english is the biggest refugee case in modern history)
Sunday, August 06, 2006
  "bigotry, lies and CNN" & one good man who says Israel is a bomb-ocracy

Some interesting comparison between stuff that went on CNN few days ago.

Condoleeza Rice the state secretary and senior evangelist for the new Middle East (not the tanker) and after refusing to discuss a cease fire for 2 weeks, in an outpour of human like emotions so bravely declared:
- Emotions are running high on all sides
- I will stay in Jerusalem to work to end the fighting
- I am optimistic that a cease fire and comprehensible settlement (woohoo) would be achievable this week
- I am deeply saddened by the terrible loss of innocent life

The amateur politician mayor turned prime minister (aka Olmert) not really caring about what Ms. Rice had to say, and after Israel having earlier declared a 48 hours humanitarian pause (which it broke after 1 hour), and in an outpour of hero like emotions and while cherishing so intimately in his little mind the idea of having already confirmed his place in bloody Israel history, so powerfully confirmed:
- No cease fire
- No cessation of the operations
- Widening of the military operation

…and the usual occasional last piece of hypocrisy:
- We are not fighting against the people of Lebanon

George Bush the second and as if in a move that discredits his so suddenly peace-mongered state secretary and while frowning at his microphone and in an outpour of luminary like emotions and while his mind was attacked by powerful vibrations transporting him into the Eden of the new Middle East and engulfing his spine with the shivers of the sublime essence of democracy, so prophetically declared:
- No cease fire
- This is a crisis of democracy
- Multi national force must be sent to Lebanon quickly so we can start providing humanitarian aid to Lebanon (and given that the dispatch of such force would take reasonably a couple of months, he gave his new pal Olmert a blank cheque for cashing Lebanese lives – at the current rate of 400 a week)
- People fear democracy
- I have visions for the new middle east (just around the rapture)
- Hizbullah has to be defeated
- I am working for a long term peace (yep nobody tried that one before! W is at it now)

Dan Gillerman the eloquent Israeli bigot to the UN and in an outburst of verbal diarrhea composed of witty-like remarks that smell like the essence of bullshit and in a move that will consolidate his rank within the Israeli foreign office and maybe secure a promotion, a better pay and maybe a political future, so despicably said:
- A cease fire is not into Israel’s scope of thinking (he’s the most eloquent)
- Hypocritically apologized for the attack in Qana but then blamed it on Hizbullah (why did he apologize then?)
- And then in a libano-philia-c outpour confirmed that ‘we must see that hizballah is totally disarmed’ so not only they can stop terrorizing Israel but also they stop terrorizing the poor and friendly people of Lebanon

And finally, and to make my day after so many days of frustration at everybody who was interviewed by the media from Israel (doves and hawks alike).

Yonatan Shapira: A real decent and honest ex-pilot for the Indiscriminate Destruction Forces declares the following to CNN:
- Stop this crazy operation immediately
- There is no military solution, we should sit down and speak
- We are shooting at civilians
- Pilots should be demonstrating and should refuse their orders
- Since the 3rd day of the war, Israeli Pilots that I know are telling me they are waiting for Bush to stop the war
- Israel is not a democracy but bomb-ocracy

Thank you Yonatan from the bottom of my heart.

P.S.: CNN ran his interview only once… I wonder why! Hope as many people as possible in Israel have seen it.
Thursday, August 03, 2006
  Smart bombs and stupid people part 1: Targetting UN compounds

Israel Chorus Child, cheat sheet:

1- You can say anything you like as long as you get the last word, ALWAYS get the last word.
2- Pretend you didn’t hear your opponents arguments, regurgitate the same answers ALWAYS.
3- Play with the keywords, we have provided you with a rich dictionary of powerful keywords… other people like you are making them famous too! Think marketing and focus, the keywords ALWAYS win

The keywords (TAGS):
terrorist, collateral damage, precision bombing, shred of evidence, allegations, pin point accuracy, lobbing missiles, mistakes

The ultimate News Channel dialog:

Outrageous news from Lebanon, 50 civilians killed by Israel in one day of fighting.
Israel Chorus Child:
Yes but that's because terrorists are hiding amongst civilians... It’s collateral damage.

J.: Oh my God, it's 100 already, many children...
I.C.C.: Yep we told you before, we're saying it again TERRORISTS, tis’ all the fault of terrorists... They were hidden and we had to 'smoke them out'... But we're using precision bombing, you gotta give us that one!

J.: Listen, it's 200 already, come on?!?
I.C.C.: Nope, it's the terrorists, they did it again, no way you can blame it on us! Do you have any ‘shred of evidence’ that Israel is targeting civilians or that they’re all civilians, maybe they're terrorists dressed up as civilians!?!? huh! Don’t base your allegations on news reports!

J.: Duuuuude, it's flippin 300 civilians, children are 40%, are they blind or something, you said precision bombing, no?!
I.C.C.: It's the terrorists fault, are you deaf? And they should be glad it's just 300, coz if it wasn't for those precision bombs and pin point accuracy, many more would be dead... many many more (and he shakes his head)… You should thank Israel for being so merciful! Do you have any idea how expensive and precise those precision bombs are? We're bleeding here...

J.: Look, it's 450 civilians already, is the guy aiming dyslexic? are you f**** counting?
I.C.C.: It’s the fault of the terrorists, they’re lobbing missiles over the border, the Indiscriminate Destruction Forces are a highly trained bunch of smart chaps... you can't find like them no where in the world, we’re the strongest… What you refer to as civilian deaths are mistakes, glitches, these things happen at war, come ohhhnnn (O’Reilly style)… why don’t you call these things by their name? 450 glitches dead! And some of them are even small too, didn’t you say there were 40% children?

J: But the U.N. got attacked too, is the guy aiming retarded? 4 peace keepers killed, the Israelis knew their position all along, they were communicating with them the whole time!? Kofi is mad as hell, he says it's been done deliberately... he says there's no other explanation!
I.C.C.: Israel has the right to protect itself, now you can't blame the poor 19 years old Indiscriminate Destruction Forces solider who was pointing his laser gun at the building so the F16 could hit it... it was late, he was tired in enemy territory and confused, he's never been to a real battle before... he made a mistake and lazed (exact terms) the wrong building, so WHAT, it’s the fault of the terrorists for hating us!! And… well, Kofi has always been a problem child and he’s getting old (whisper: we should get Bolton at this place).

(the last dialog is a transcript of a dialog on Fox with a retired US army general)
(I said retired not retarded)

And at the end, notice how the terrorists lob their missiles and the Indiscriminate Destruction Forces precisely target the terrorists. And how no one seems to have a shred of evidence that 450 civilians dead, 750,000 displaced, 4 Billion Dollars in civilian infrastructure damage is a deliberate act!

And shut up, he gets the last word: Israel has the right to protect itself
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