Wednesday, February 20, 2008
  Mossad memorabilia

In 20 Years from now, we will see the post of a similar creep standing proud in front of memorabilia from the Cedar Revolution era with a few large plates for the major cedar top revolutionaries "Al Ra'iss El Chahid", Saad Hariri, Siniora, Joumblat and some coasters for Carlito Eddeh, Dory Chamoun, Dottor Souhaid and some plastic pens for most journalists in AnNahar, Mustaqbal and the rest... And maybe a placemat for Nayla.

Not to forget, that Solange Gemayel who is in the frame to his left is today a deputy in the Lebanese parliament, she ran on the list of "Sheikh Saad-Ud-Dine Al Hariri" in Beirut and she's a member of the parliamentary majority supported by Saudi Arabia, United States, France etc.

P.S.: The guy in the plate on the right is Masoud Barazani's father.
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