Sunday, August 06, 2006
  "bigotry, lies and CNN" & one good man who says Israel is a bomb-ocracy

Some interesting comparison between stuff that went on CNN few days ago.

Condoleeza Rice the state secretary and senior evangelist for the new Middle East (not the tanker) and after refusing to discuss a cease fire for 2 weeks, in an outpour of human like emotions so bravely declared:
- Emotions are running high on all sides
- I will stay in Jerusalem to work to end the fighting
- I am optimistic that a cease fire and comprehensible settlement (woohoo) would be achievable this week
- I am deeply saddened by the terrible loss of innocent life

The amateur politician mayor turned prime minister (aka Olmert) not really caring about what Ms. Rice had to say, and after Israel having earlier declared a 48 hours humanitarian pause (which it broke after 1 hour), and in an outpour of hero like emotions and while cherishing so intimately in his little mind the idea of having already confirmed his place in bloody Israel history, so powerfully confirmed:
- No cease fire
- No cessation of the operations
- Widening of the military operation

…and the usual occasional last piece of hypocrisy:
- We are not fighting against the people of Lebanon

George Bush the second and as if in a move that discredits his so suddenly peace-mongered state secretary and while frowning at his microphone and in an outpour of luminary like emotions and while his mind was attacked by powerful vibrations transporting him into the Eden of the new Middle East and engulfing his spine with the shivers of the sublime essence of democracy, so prophetically declared:
- No cease fire
- This is a crisis of democracy
- Multi national force must be sent to Lebanon quickly so we can start providing humanitarian aid to Lebanon (and given that the dispatch of such force would take reasonably a couple of months, he gave his new pal Olmert a blank cheque for cashing Lebanese lives – at the current rate of 400 a week)
- People fear democracy
- I have visions for the new middle east (just around the rapture)
- Hizbullah has to be defeated
- I am working for a long term peace (yep nobody tried that one before! W is at it now)

Dan Gillerman the eloquent Israeli bigot to the UN and in an outburst of verbal diarrhea composed of witty-like remarks that smell like the essence of bullshit and in a move that will consolidate his rank within the Israeli foreign office and maybe secure a promotion, a better pay and maybe a political future, so despicably said:
- A cease fire is not into Israel’s scope of thinking (he’s the most eloquent)
- Hypocritically apologized for the attack in Qana but then blamed it on Hizbullah (why did he apologize then?)
- And then in a libano-philia-c outpour confirmed that ‘we must see that hizballah is totally disarmed’ so not only they can stop terrorizing Israel but also they stop terrorizing the poor and friendly people of Lebanon

And finally, and to make my day after so many days of frustration at everybody who was interviewed by the media from Israel (doves and hawks alike).

Yonatan Shapira: A real decent and honest ex-pilot for the Indiscriminate Destruction Forces declares the following to CNN:
- Stop this crazy operation immediately
- There is no military solution, we should sit down and speak
- We are shooting at civilians
- Pilots should be demonstrating and should refuse their orders
- Since the 3rd day of the war, Israeli Pilots that I know are telling me they are waiting for Bush to stop the war
- Israel is not a democracy but bomb-ocracy

Thank you Yonatan from the bottom of my heart.

P.S.: CNN ran his interview only once… I wonder why! Hope as many people as possible in Israel have seen it.
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